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Life Lessons: Happy Monday?

November 16, 2009

Yesterday evening, all of the lights and the Internet in my apartment abruptly cut out. I had a post all written up for today on LiveWriter, yet somehow it got lost. My computer battery died, I shattered a glass on the ground, and all of the work that I needed to do required the Internet. When I called the caretaker, she said that she couldn’t do anything about it until this morning. I called her at 9am today, only to find that she had forgotten to get someone to fix the issue.

Now my lights are back, my Internet is working, but the stove and oven, for some strange reason, are failing to work. And I cannot find the post I’d written on LiveWriter. I’m also behind on the chores that I need to do today before I go to school for the entire afternoon/evening.

Luckily, last night our heating did not cut out, and neither did the plug-in for the fridge. So I did not freeze last night nor did our food go bad. Thank goodness for that. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t such a big deal that we lost lights/Internet for all of an evening and part of the morning- it’s just rather frustrating when you realize how much you depend upon those kinds of things!

Today I am very, very grateful for electricity.

Your homework for today: leave me a comment telling me one situation which you have been in recently where things weren’t looking so good, but there was still some form of silver lining in it. Also, what are you especially grateful for? We have to start the week off on a good foot!