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Winter Cycling

October 12, 2009

Giveaway Winner

And the winner of Mimi Spencer’s 101 Things to Do Before You Diet is… Maggie! Her tip: take some “me time”! Always needed. It’s great to just get away for a little bit each day, even if it’s only 5 minutes. We can all benefit from a little extra time to ourselves to recollect our thoughts.

Winter Cycling

We got our first snowfall of the year on Friday afternoon. It looks as though it’s here to stay- yesterday morning the snow melted quite a bit, but then it began snowing again in the late afternoon. So much for autumn! In the spirit of exercising no matter the weather, on Saturday morning I set out for my first ever experience with winter cycling.


Just imagine this… with a coat down to my knees, boots reaching up my calves, a scarf covering the lower half of my face, and ski gloves to keep my hands warm. Envision piles of snow around and that’s what Harriette and I looked like over the weekend.

My beautiful bicycle Harriette is useful for winter cycling because of her large cruiser-style tires. I learned this when I hit a couple bumpy ice patches on the road. Ever faithful, she managed to keep me balanced and we only slid once! There was something very invigorating about cycling on the slippery snow. I always assumed that bicycling in the winter would be colder than walking, but if you’re bundled up properly, it’s actually quite warm.

When I first started boot camp, I fell completely in love with it. With the Run a Race this Summer Challenge, I began to really enjoy running immensely. I think that there are a couple of key factors here, and that is the novelty of starting something new, and overcoming the difficulties that are associated with them. When I got on my bike on Saturday, I felt the same way that I did when I started those other challenging exercise regimes. The wind was nasty, the roads were brutal, and winter has altogether arrived far too early for my liking- but something about the extremeness of the sport is very attractive.

(Give me a week and no doubt I’ll be changing my tune).

I have a lot of friends who are seasoned winter cyclists. Seeing them out there in all kinds of conditions is intriguing. The reason why I’m particularly interested in it now is because my work/university schedules are not very accommodating if I walk to and from each of them. If I work in the morning (50 minute walk or 15 minute bike ride), I have to take the bus back to my place so I can make it to school on time for my afternoon classes (the university is about a 15 minute walk from my apartment). I’d rather spend my time exercising for transportation than sitting on a bus, so it makes sense to ride my bike- especially because it takes the same amount of time to bike or to go by bus to my work! Therefore, winter cycling really does seem like the most appealing option.

I know virtually nothing about winter cycling or if there’s any special way to treat your bike. I’m a little concerned because Harriette’s seat and handlebars are leather; will they crack in the cold?

There are a couple websites with useful winter riding tips, but I’d love to hear from any of you! Has anyone tried winter cycling? Is it something you’d ever be interested in? Do you have any pointers to help out a beginner?


Westwood took this photo when she and I went on an epic snow frolicking adventure on Friday.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!