Living Healthy in the Real World: Makeover Edition

November 25, 2009

I’ve given my blog a makeover! Now you can access all Living in the Real World articles from one main page.

CLICK HERE to join today’s discussion over at the brand new Living Healthy in the Real World site:



  1. THANK YOU FOR THE POM juice!! It arrived safe n sound yesterday! So yummy
    Your new site looks great

    Dia in Oregon

  2. Great site. I am always looking for fun new ways to stay and keep healthy. And it sure isn’t easy in the “real world” . fantastic blog!

  3. i think you familiar about this topic, just wait another tip’s..:)
    Nice information, Merry Christmass…holiday….

  4. I see your site it’s nice. Take care and stay healthy.

  5. What a way to stay healthy – sounds refreshingly good!

  6. Health is wealth. Healthy food and exercise are very important to improve health and fitness. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, red meat and dairy products because these are high in vitamins and rally good for health. Exercise regularly 30 to 45 minutes in a day, drink fruit juices, green tea and plenty of water to live a healthy lifestyle.
    Tacoma Gym

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