Life Lessons: Happy Monday?

November 16, 2009

Yesterday evening, all of the lights and the Internet in my apartment abruptly cut out. I had a post all written up for today on LiveWriter, yet somehow it got lost. My computer battery died, I shattered a glass on the ground, and all of the work that I needed to do required the Internet. When I called the caretaker, she said that she couldn’t do anything about it until this morning. I called her at 9am today, only to find that she had forgotten to get someone to fix the issue.

Now my lights are back, my Internet is working, but the stove and oven, for some strange reason, are failing to work. And I cannot find the post I’d written on LiveWriter. I’m also behind on the chores that I need to do today before I go to school for the entire afternoon/evening.

Luckily, last night our heating did not cut out, and neither did the plug-in for the fridge. So I did not freeze last night nor did our food go bad. Thank goodness for that. In the grand scheme of things, it really isn’t such a big deal that we lost lights/Internet for all of an evening and part of the morning- it’s just rather frustrating when you realize how much you depend upon those kinds of things!

Today I am very, very grateful for electricity.

Your homework for today: leave me a comment telling me one situation which you have been in recently where things weren’t looking so good, but there was still some form of silver lining in it. Also, what are you especially grateful for? We have to start the week off on a good foot!


  1. skipping the homework here – but do you think the snake liked the dark and quiet?

    • Hahaha oh I’m sure she did! She’s a rather antisocial little creature and she’s always hiding in her sand, so I think she must have quite enjoyed the darkness.

  2. So glad you got through it okay!!

  3. My parents gave my husband a truck. It needed some work. We put it in the shop this past february and the very next week, my husbands work hours (he is a plumber) were cut in half. We were barely making it. The truck would be $1300 to get out of the shop. We had to leave it sitting there. I kept calling and letting them know the situation. One day, we got a phone call, the dealership that it was at had been sold and we had 10 days to pay or bring them the title. I am the ONLY person in the world that can get a totally free truck repoed!

    Well, for 2 weeks, my husbands hours not only came back up to 40, but he also got overtime. We were able to come up with $900. I called the dealership and they accepted that as payment in full!

    My husband says it was a miracle!

    • My goodness. *breathes sigh of relief* YAY!

  4. Oh I hate losing electricity. Last year at this time Ohio lost electricity (from the hurricase way down south!) for about a week. I thought our apartment would never get electricity back, but we ended up only being out for 2 days, while many others were out for 1-2 weeks. I was very thankful.

    As for today, the business venture I am involved in is not going so well, but I’m trying to stay positive, as much as possible. The silver lining is that I HAVE a job, and I’m MAKING money, even if the business isn’t doing so well. I have faith!

    • Gah, can’t imagine it suddenly cutting out for one to two weeks. Here I was getting all in a tizzy over an evening to a morning!

      Got my fingers crossed that your business venture will all turn out well for you.

  5. hmm dunno if it counts, but I have a big move coming up, tons of work, and christmas, but in the end itll be worth it because i can get out of this stupid apartment that I hate, and into a gorgeous house with my friends!

    • Oh it all counts 😉 That’s really exciting! You must be crazy busy.

  6. R. Buckminster Fuller said years ago that if all the politicians in the world disappeared, as long as the electric company kept working, everything would be fine 🙂

    • That’s so true. It’s those kinds of things that keep society running!

  7. I’m all by my own (both my parents left), but I’m thankful to have prepared food by mom to eat and a yummy plate of kabocha fries waiting for me! 🙂

    • I haven’t tried kabocha but I feel the EXACT same way about my homemade sweet potato fries 😀

  8. I’m weird about losing electricity. It makes me batty. And then battier, when I remember that there are people who went to bed without having any food all day, not to mention electricity. 😦

    Homework: I got lost when driving in L.A., but I found a really beautiful little neighborhood park that way.

    Grateful for: the joy of adventure

    • “And then battier, when I remember that there are people who went to bed without having any food all day, not to mention electricity.” That’s what was going through my head, too. I start thinking about just how bad it COULD be, and then I feel really irritated with myself for having thought that I was hard done by in the slightest. Which just makes me crankier, because then I don’t have lights/Internet AND I’m a selfish little creature!

      Stumbling upon parks by accident is fantastic. Mmmmm adventure.

  9. As long as you do not open the frig in a power outage, your food should be fine for hours (thanks to the installation).

    • Really? I never knew that! Good to know in case something like that happens in the future. Thanks!

  10. Glad it got fixed!

    I am grateful for sunshine! We’ve had some strange cold weather lately, but today the sun is shining brightly and in a short while my washing will be flapping in the wind!

    • Ooh heeeeelllll yes, I’m completely with you on the sunshine! We’ve been getting some truly gorgeous weather for November and everyone is completely taking advantage of it, which is wonderful. Sunshine makes everything that much better too!

  11. loving reading the comments as well as your post.

    Im just grateful.

    • I like to think that the discussion/comments are the real part of a post that CAPTURES it all. Just like the Bumbling Band is necessary for MizFitOnline! The interaction and community is what makes a blog 🙂

  12. Funny how hard life can get without the Internet…
    I still can’t believe I lived for about 12 years without it!Glad everything worked out for you (mostly).I’m grateful for my lil’ girl!

    • The Internet is my life force. Hehe.

      I’m still so excited about your daughter for you!! Must be especially nice with all those boys in the family to have an ally 😉

  13. funny, we lost power last night too, but it was only for about an hour. however, it’s crazy to think how much we depend on electricity and stuff that needs electricity to work (tv, internet, etc.) to keep ourselves entertained.

    that being said, i was happy our power was restored right as i was heading to bed so i could set the alarm so i could actually get up for work on time.

  14. ok, I’ll bite.

    I applied for a job, was offered the job, then my offer rescinded. I had already quit my previous job, so I was unemployed. I packed up my car, moved to Colorado, and found a new airline job and got engaged. And they lived happily ever after!

  15. I am grateful for just being able to spend time with my family, especially the little ones. A few months ago all the electricity went out for a few hours and it really turned out to be a great time of family night in dark with candles.

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