Guest Post: 10 Tasty Desserts That Are Good For Your Health

July 24, 2009

Who doesn’t love dessert? However if you’re not careful, you just
might blow your daily calorie count on just one dessert. Before you
determine that you’ll never be able to eat dessert again, look at some
healthy but delicious options.

1. Baked Apples: Not only is this dessert healthy but it’s also
delicious too. These can easily be made in the microwave with a
sprinkling of cinnamon. Then you get the fibre and vitamins that the
apple has to offer and the natural healing power of cinnamon for a
dessert home run.
2. Frozen Yogurt: This is an excellent and tasty alternative to ice
cream. Offering a fraction of the fat and calories that ice cream
offers, it can still fit into a healthy lifestyle while actually
tasting good at the same time.
3. Dessert Pizza: Using wheat flour to create a whole grain crust
is an excellent source of fibre and wonderful foundation for this
specialty pizza. Then adding in favourites such as low fat pudding to
hold the ingredients together keeps the calorie count low. Put
together a good variety of fruits that can boost the antioxidants and
vitamin count.
4. Pumpkin Pie: Though pie doesn’t initially sound like a healthy
choice, it truly can be. The canned pumpkin used is low in fat, high
in fibre, vitamins and minerals, and overall an excellent choice. Use
a low fat pie crust and top with low fat whipped cream and you have an
excellent dessert choice.
5. Angel Food Cake: This light and airy cake is naturally low in
fat and makes an excellent foundation for the perfect healthy dessert.
Though you can eat this cake alone for a low calorie count, adding
fresh fruit can boost the nutritional content and make it an even
better choice.
6. Fruit Crisp: Some simple modifications in this dessert can help
to pack a healthy punch and still make this a delicious choice. Use
granola, chopped almonds and a tough of light brown sugar to get the
same sweet and crunchy blast that this dessert offers. Then slice up
any fruit that you like and you have yourself a vitamin-enriched and
delicious dessert option.
7. Yogurt Parfait: We all know that yogurt is an excellent source
of calcium and therefore using it as the foundation for a delicious
dessert works well. Layer up yogurt and then add fruit with a sprinkle of
granola in between to make an amazing blend. The fresh fruit will
provide the vitamins; the granola packs the fibre content and the
8. Grilled Fruit: The perfect treat for summer! Throw all of your
favourite fruits on the grill and let them cook on a low heat to
caramelize and turn into a naturally healthy and totally delicious
9. Pudding: Who doesn’t love pudding? By simply using skim or low
fat milk to prepare it, you can enjoy all of your favourite flavours of
pudding and get in some calcium at the same time. You can even top
with a touch of low fat whipped cream.
10. Dessert Quesadillas: Use whole wheat tortillas for added fibre
and whole grain goodness. Then use a low fat spray to keep the outside
crisp and then coat the inside with low fat cream cheese, fresh fruit,
and even a touch of yogurt to boost the nutritional content and keep
things still healthy and low fat.

Mary Frederick is a blogger and enjoys writing about medical career
topics, such as how to get an online Master’s in Nursing, job and education tips, and more.


  1. I am bookmarking this one!!! Great ideas!

    I’ve been needing some healthy desert ideas. Cinnamon apples is the first one I’m going to try! Yum!

  2. Yeah for angel food cake! That’s my favorite low-guilt dessert. I especially like it with strawberries a little Cool Whip, yum!

  3. These are great tips, and ones that we all love. My kids don’t even realize that some of the desserts they eat are good for them. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. Mmm… now I have a craving! I’ve never heard of dessert quesadillas before!

  5. Great ideas! I’m making a peach pie tonight – just sliced fresh peaches with a little vanilla pudding in a pie crust. I’ve never thought of it as healthy before, but in the spirit of this article, today I do!

  6. love the dessert ideas! Baked apples and the grilled fruit are ones I’ll be trying.

  7. great ideas!!

  8. Great Ideas!!!!!

  9. ha the other person said that. so I will say that as I get my masters in nutrition, I realize that one of the best ways to get someone to eat their fruits is through dessert methods! Also, the more healthy the dessert, the better you feel, the better you eat the next day, and the more likely you are to eat healthier in the future!

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