Review and Giveaway: FitNutz Peanut Butter

July 10, 2009

I was very happy when the people behind FitNutz Peanut Butter agreed to send me some samples to review. Most health/food bloggers seem to have tried PB2 at this point and we’re all raving about that brand of peanut butter (I adore it so much that I have it shipped to me from the USA… BIG carbon footprint right there), but little is mentioned when it comes to FitNutz powdered peanut butter. I have been curious for a long time about what makes one powdered peanut butter different from another, and now I’ve had the opportunity to do a taste-test!

I did a video review and it all worked out according to plan but WordPress is causing difficulties, so I guess video posts are just not happening around here. Sighs. But anyways: on to the (now written) review.

As soon as I received FitNutz in the mail I tried it immediately. I felt the need to eat it off the spoon to get the full impact of the flavor. The first thing that popped into my head when I tried it was that it tasted very peanut-y. Now, that might seem a little obvious because after all it is peanut butter, but if you’ve had PB2 then I’m sure you’ll understand my surprise. PB2 has quite salty/sweet overtones, making it easy to eat an entire jar over the space about two days (seriously). FitNutz, however, has much more of a peanut taste. Because of that, it works perfectly in sandwiches!

There are three kinds of FitNutz: regular, pro, and chunky. The regular is 50 calories per two tablespoons, 5 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of protein, and 1.5 grams of fat. The pro has retained the fatty acids, so if you’re looking for an energy boost of healthy fats then the pro is a good choice. Chunky FitNutz has granulated pieces of peanuts included in the powder. Personally I’m a lover of smooth peanut butter all the way, and normally I completely avoid chunky peanut butter, but this stuff actually wasn’t too bad. I had it in a sandwich with jam and it was enjoyable.

Overall I really like FitNutz. I bet it would be a great substitute for protein powder, too. I’m not a fan of protein powders because of all the additives (and because I believe that we don’t need excessive amounts of extra protein if we’re already eating a balanced diet- but that’s a post for another day), but lots of recipes call for it so this is what I would use instead.

It transitions nicely when smeared on bread or fruit. Much as I love PB2, I never eat it on bread because I find that it simply does not work well in sandwich form; the taste is too far from true peanut butter for it to work. Each kind of powdered peanut butter has it’s strengths and weaknesses, but I really like them both and can definitely see myself buying FitNutz in the future. If you’re after that great peanut taste with a fraction of the fat and calories, FitNutz is for you.

Have you tried FitNutz? Would you like to win some samples? Leave me a comment below telling me what you love about nut butters. I’ll probably use the Random Number Generator, but if past giveaways are anything to go by, clearly I can be easily swayed by a comment that pulls at the heart strings or is especially creative (hint hint ;)). What, for example, would you do if you had a hundred jars of peanut butter?

Winner will be announced one week from today, on Friday July 17th. Canada and USA only.


  1. laughing at the video thing ONLY because that is the kind of thing which ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME AS WELL!!

    Id love love to try this as you and I are so alike in our PB 2 addiction and our PB2 “not on bread” usage.

  2. I never even heard of FitzNut, but I’ll definitely give it a try…as soon as I’ve worked my way through the dozen jars of PB2 I have on hand. 🙂 I agree that the PB2 is lovely stuff, but more for mixing than spreading.

  3. Hi Sagan,
    I love my peanut butter! For me, it’s the store brand all-natural stuff (for price AND taste). I probably have at least three jars in our cabinet right now. My favorite PB snack…is peanut butter mixed with vanilla yogurt – it’s like candy in my mouth!
    If I had a hundred jars of the stuff…I’d probably gain a little weight!! (so, I better stick to the three I have…)

  4. I’ve heard a lot about this peanut butter, and would love to try it! I’ve had such bad luck with peanut butter lately (see my blog about my Smart Balance fiasco) and I’ve yet to find a good pb that I like as much as Smart Balance 😦 Thanks for the product review!

  5. Having never tried PB2, I’m confused as to what exactly FitNutz is. Is it a powder? Do you mix it with water? A paste? A squeeze tube? I will admit I’ve been dying to try it ever since I read an online recipe for PB popcorn that called for the stuff;)

  6. I love nut butters! Any kind – they are a superfood with fat/carbs/and protein.

    I like to mix powdered PB2 into my oatmeal as it cooks which gives it a wonderful PB taste.

  7. This stuff sounds very intriguing, Sagan.

    (Charlotte — PB POPCORN!!?? Seriously??)
    I, too, am wondering what form FitNutz comes in.

    A hundred jars of PB? Would translate into a huge number of peanut butter cheesecakes, wouldn’t it?

  8. Mmmm, peanut butter…the love of my childhood! If I have a good jar of PB around, you can find me eating it by the spoonful straight from the fridge. But, I also make a mean peanut butter cookie!

  9. Funny enough, I hated PB (except w/jelly on a sandwich) when I was a kid! WHAT was I thinking? I missed out on so much! 😉

    Fave ways to eat PB: in oatmeal, on bananas, by itself (shh!) and – if I’m feeling naughty – melted with chocolate chips. Mmmm.

  10. My favorite is sunflower seed butter – absolutely delicious. Shaq was in our city recently for his “PB and Shaq” drive for feed the children. What a great use of 100 jars!

  11. Hahahaha I just posted about peanut butter and my adoration to it!! Like you, I used to get it shipped to Venezuela, because there it did’t exist! Figure the carbon footprint of that one!
    Great review Sagan, I’ve always been intrigued by the powdered stuff as well, never even seen it in stores… maybe I haven’t been looking carefully enough.
    I actually like peanut butter MUCH better than any other nut butter, I can do almond… but cashew isn’t worth the caloric intake for me!
    I love PB because I like sticky things, I love that it sticks to the roof of my mouth. I also love how nutritious it is.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I’ve heard of FitNutz, but I’ve never tried it! Peanut butter is one of my favorite foods, but I usually avoid it because of the high calorie count… This seems like a great alternative! 😛

  13. I’ve never heard of FitNutz..there’s acutally a powdered peanut butter? Wow! It sounds much better for you than Jif, etc. Do you get it at the health food store?

  14. hello my name is elizabeth, and i am addicted to peanut butter…..

    oh little ground nuts i love you on celery with raisins, on whole wheat bread, on rice cakes, with noodles, but most of all i love you by yourself, straight outta the jar, no added sugars or salts, just organic nuts.

    yes you are a healthy fat, but sometimes i think i love you a little TOO much. so i strayed to the dark side and tested PB2 and Better n’ pb. Don’t worry both were extremely disappointing and i came running back to the real thing.

    Now Sagan says that FitzNutz tastes like the real thing- oh pb will you forgive me if i cheat on you once more?? my hips would really appreciate a little break.

  15. MizFit- I am SO GLAD that you introduced me to the wonderful world of powdered peanut butter 🙂

    Cammy- you’ll go through it far quicker than you think!

    Lance- mixing it with vanilla yogurt would be so tasty! I’m all about the natural kind too.

    Gina- Bad luck with peanut butter? So sad 😦

    Charlotte- PB POPCORN?! Throw some apples in there and that would be all of my favorite foods rolled into one… interesting. And yes, it’s powdered peanut butter.

    Lori- I like to do the same thing with my powdered PB too. DELICIOUS in oatmeal.

    Bag Lady- oh my goodness yes!!

    Jacqueline- So much yummyness on a spoon.

    Holly- it’s okay, that just means you have to have lots now to make up for all the times you missed out as a kid.

    Mary- haven’t tried sunflower seed butter yet!

    Marta- I THINK you can only get it online, or in really specialty stores, unfortunately.

    Tasty Health Food & Crystal- nutritious and delicious!

    Elizabeth- giggling. So much peanut butter, so little time.

  16. Pretty cool. I would like to try it. Why not.

  17. ooh, i love that is has a peanuttier taste 🙂 have only tried pb2.

    nut butter, how i love thee. if i had 100 jars i’d be one happy camper. i’m guessing i’d make more cake (http://tri2cook.blogspot.com/2009/07/cake-of-all-cakes.html) 🙂

  18. I’m so intrigued by this stuff. I have yet to see it in the stores here, but maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

    Love nut butters (though, oddly, my kids don’t). They’re a great way to get a little protein kick – not to mention being so tasty. Favorite uses – on bananas with some raisins for breakfast and with a little sliced apple for a snack.

  19. Yummm……I would love to try this pbutter! I currently use Trader Joe’s Flaxseed crunchy and it’s the bomb! If I had 100 jars of this I would be floating on pnut butter clouds!!

  20. If I really truly had 100 jars of peanut butter, I would donate 20 to the food shuttle and send some to my mom and dad to try, and give some to my friends and family to try, and then make sure I save about 15 for my fiance and I to eat so that we have an entire year supply.

    I like to SPREAD the wealth, get it?

    When I was teaching children with autism in a 1 on 1 program, one of my students was highly allergic to peanut butter ( and all nuts, eggs, dairy , etc). So instead of eating peanut butter with my oats as usual every morning, I gave up eating nut butters as much as I could so that he wouldn’t have any reactions. I never realized how many things have peanuts or tree nuts in them until having him as a student. He was so smart and went from having tantrums all the time to happily communicating and playing.

    I think of his progress every time I have peanut butter.

  21. […] Last chance to enter my giveaway! […]

  22. I’m a PB2 convert who would love to try FitNutz. I also love Trader Joe’s nut butters- I have to say that reading blogs has increased my nut butter intake significantly! Love it on blueberry crumpets, mini bagels, oatmeal, yogurt… now I’ve got to try the PB popcorn, too.

  23. I love peanut butter!!! Yeah, i was that kid who refused to eat anything but peanut butter and jelly. And now a grown-up vegetarian who still looooves the stuff.

    And why not? Good old pb has been the most constant relationship in my life. Ah, pb so loyal and trustworthy. He gets along with all my friends too! Pb and chocolate? Pb and celery? pb and waffles? pb and marshmellows? What is not a winning pb combo?
    they only problem is that our relationship lately has become strained. PB has been weighing me down.

    curse you calories!! Why must you ruin the only decent relationship I’ve ever had!?


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