What’s Happening on the Web (some healthy links)

April 22, 2009

Lately I have received quite a few emails from people letting me know about websites/articles that they think I would be interested in. With the craziness of studying for my final exam and getting ready for Cambodia (I leave on Sunday!), I figure that this is the perfect time to provide you all with an amalgamation of plenty of interesting links to click and enjoy.

The American Horsepower Challenge

This is a game designed for kids to get healthier– now that’s a cause I can believe in! 2,100 students are participating in a “race” in which they log steps on a pedometer to power a cartoon horse avatar. Congress members are also getting involved as honorary participants. This program is a great way to raise awareness about the issue of inactivity in our society and to get people moving in friendly competition.

Think Pink: Download for a Cause

Ariel Aparicio, a rocker from New York, is generously donating all proceeds ($0.54) from each iTunes sale of his cover of The Psychedelic Fur’s “Pretty in Pink” to the breast cancer charity organization, the Greater New York Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I’ve been listening to some of his music and it’s full of energy!

Eating Healthy on the Road

Written by an RD from Roadcookin.com, this is an article which considers the over consumption of meat, particularly while we’re traveling. Bottom line, we tend to eat too much meat, and most of the proteins we consume in this day and age are the unhealthy kinds. A couple of small tweaks to our diet and portion sizing can remedy the issue no problem!


You all know that I do my best to steer clear of processed foods, including the ones that are supposedly healthier choices. At the same time, I’m not delusional either: sometimes we can’t be bothered to make our own food, and sometimes we really just want to eat something that’s pre-made. Calorista.com is a detailed database of food products which are rated according to various health aspects (for example, different logos indicate if the product is HFCS-free, if it’s low sodium, gluten-free etc). Taste and price are also evaluated. The nutrition information is provided, however, the ingredients lists are not. I love the design of this site and the amount of information provided for each product, especially the frank comments regarding the pros and cons of the food.

Hidden factors determining bone density?

Our own Dr. J was kind enough to let me know about this article, which I found super interesting: Vegan Buddhist Nuns Have Same Bone Density As Non-Vegetarians. This study really fascinates me that bone density might not always depend on a heavy intake of protein and calcium. That being said, it sounds like these nuns eat a very nutritious, natural diet, so I wouldn’t be so quick to toss the calcium in our current society! Hopefully more research will be conducted on the matter in the future- I would love to know what other factors contribute to bone density.

That’s all I’ve got for you for today! What sort of health news has been brought to your attention recently?

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  1. GREAT LINKS. Id not seen any of them before….

    Me? we’re focusing on national volunteer week in our house.

    kinda for our health with all the studies that say how volunteering boots the health of the PEOPLE *VOLUNTEERING!*

  2. Thank you for the links!!

  3. Thanks for all the great links, Sagan!

  4. Oooh – you are going to Cambodia?!! How exciting! We expect a full report. 🙂

    Thanks for the links – especially the one about traveling. I get so incredibly nervous and anxious about traveling and eating, particularly because I don’t eat out much (and traveling usually requires it, at least to some extent).

  5. Great post! I definitely eat the pre-packaged stuff (otherwise I wouldn’t get any vegetables until dinner, so it’s a trade-off), the calorista link will definitely be useful. Thanks!

  6. So I guess it’s either become a nun NOT, or keep up the calcium in your diet 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, Sagan!

  7. Thanks for the links and reviews Sagan! I didn’t know about that pedometer challenge for kids. What a great idea! I wish they’d implement something like that in Canada as well! The bone density study is fascinating! I think all does come down to a local natural diet. The thing is, people that are not buddhist nuns and go vegan seldom have the same quality foods that the nuns would have access to. They probably grow their own food too. Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see what other results they conclude.
    Good luck with exams and Cambodia!

  8. MizFit- I wasn’t aware its national volunteer week! We all have to get out there and volunteer it up.

    VeggieGirl & Katie- glad you enjoy 🙂

    Holly- tell me about it; my flight is going to be super long and plane food goes against much of what I stand for. It’ll be apples and pre-packed sandwiches for this girl!

    Tricia- it looks like a really useful database.

    Dr. J- ahaha ooh the church could have lots of fun with that study…

    Marta- I’m hoping that the pedometer challenge becomes something more inclusive- spreading over to Canada and to more schools and all. That would be great.

  9. Need to check out these links. Thanks..you always have the best info.

  10. Thanks for the links Sagan! I’m just coming out from under the “dust” of moving and don’t have official Internet access yet…so I’m peeking in and trying to catch up…now even more links to add to my catch-up list 🙂

  11. Very interested in the nun link. Thanks!

  12. I’m intrigued by the article on eating healthy on the road. Off to check it out. 🙂

  13. Thanks for the links, especially the calorista one. You know me, ever curious. 🙂

  14. I dont know what the science behind this “How Much Meat Can You Eat?” but I’d need more meat than they reccomend if I use their formula on myself. With weight training and hill sprints (my favourte form of torture) 3 times a week Im currently consuming 230g of Protein per day.

    Unless they mean for people who lead semi active lives, I would be wasting away if I ate less.

  15. Regarding the nuns: calcium absorption doesn’t seem to be as clear cut as one would hope. Other minerals interfere, block absorption, etc. For example, vitamin C supposedly increases absorption, but excess protein and phosphorous (such as from soda) interfere or block absorption. It seems to me that vegans who are careful to eat healthy can be as well nourished as non-vegans, maybe even more so. It’s a bit harder when it comes to B12, zinc, iron, etc., but omnivores can eat crappy enough to have deficiencies as well.

  16. Thanks for the links, i got something from it…

  17. ooh, great links, off to check them out 🙂

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