Day Two of the Sugar Challenge

March 9, 2009

Welcome to Day Two of not eating added sugars! Yesterday went very well:

– Plain yogurt with frozen mixed berries

– 3 slices homemade banana bread (I omitted the vanilla extract) with a smidgen of almond butter

– Salad with spinach, green pepper, tomato, celery, carrots, chickpeas, corn (yes! I managed to find a can of corn with no added sugar OR salt, victory!), and a few spoonfuls of a garlicky quinoa dish I was making at the time (recipe to follow later in the week!)

– 1 glass of skim milk

– 1 apple

– Roast chicken with roast potatoes and carrots, and some asparagus, radishes, and peas on the side (I love going to the parents place for Sunday dinners :D)

– 1/2 banana

It was a tasty day with lots of real food. I wanted something sweet after dinner but the only thing available was a banana which I had to fight over with someone else (hence why it was only half). But I was very satisfied with my eats! How did you find it?

Feeling the Burn

Now that I’m taking aikido with my friend, we have also become gym buddies and are spending some quality time working out together. It’s a great way to challenge ourselves! The university gym is free for students so it’s convenient to meet up between classes. My gym buddy knows much more about the machines than I do, so on Thursday she demonstrated how to use a few of them. We were running out of time so we only used a couple of arms and legs machines, but on Sunday I was still feeling sore on my inner thighs and the backs of my arms.

I’ve expressed my distaste for gyms before, which is just because I tend to find them boring, but because I haven’t been to the gym in such a long time I have been missing out on important exercises to exert my muscles. I still can’t see myself going to the gym by myself, but going with a gym buddy is tons of fun! I really enjoy the gym when I have someone to go with.

This weekend I didn’t get in much walking, so I tried doing a few jumping jacks to keep my energy up. I managed about 10 on Sunday before I had to stop because my body was still so sore from Thursday! I tend to think of myself as being in fairly decent shape and I have managed upwards of 20,000 jumping jacks in a single day before without problems. It was amazing that only about four machines at the gym- doing about 3 sets of 12-15 reps for each machine- had such an effect on me even several days later. Especially because I was taking it very easy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If it weren’t for the fact that I was so elated to have worked my muscles to that point, I would have been embarrassed at how I have clearly been neglecting some essential muscle groups for far too long.

Switching up our workout is essential to keeping all parts of our bodies in good condition. Just because we think that we’re pretty strong or have good endurance doesn’t mean we’re challenging ourselves in other ways, too.

It feels good to be so sore, and to know that my muscles are really being made to work hard. Creating muscle confusion is a good thing.


  1. Sounds like your no sugar challenge is off to a great start Sagan!!

    Muscle confusion! YES! Love it.

  2. Mixing it up – always good – keeps the body guessing! And feeling sore – I’m right there with you – although I’m partially attributing mine to a little too much time away from the iron.

    The sugar challenge – keep working it Sagan! Go figure – my wife made cookies yesterday – the aroma all through the house…I resisted though. I know I would have broke down and had one (or three) were I not committed here to a no (or low in my case) sugar challenge. So – thank you!!!!

  3. at first I thought GOOOD LORD I COULD NOT DO THIS but the more you write about it the more I think “I do kinda do this most days”

    the banana sounded totally satisfying—was it?

    although Id have wanted ALL 🙂

  4. You’re doing great!! Love “good” soreness 🙂

  5. Sagan, I was thinking about your challenge this whole weekend and maybe subconsciously I didn’t budge on any extra snacks or excess sugars. Thanks I guess. 🙂

  6. I can’t wait for the quinoa recipe! I heart garlic.

    Sounds like you’re doing very well! I always want something sweet after dinner, too – that is the hardest part of the day for me. I’ve been loving grapes as an after dinner snack…SO very good.

  7. You are just getting old, Sagan 🙂

    It’s funny, isn’t it, how doing something a little differently and our muscles get sore? Variety is where the fun is. Keep it up!!

  8. Wow! Major props for the healthy no sugar day! It is wonderful to get that soreness that lets you know you *did* something, isn’t it ^_^ Keep it up!

  9. Rupal- muscle confusion is good stuff!

    Lance- am so glad, that’s great! I was resisting mini eggs yesterday. Though that’s not nearly as difficult as cookies when you can smell them baking…

    MizFit- I wanted all:D The banana was quite satisfying, and I agree with you- I kinda do this most days. So far I haven’t had any huge sandwich cravings, so that’s good.

    VeggieGirl & Meg- nice to be able to FEEL when you’re working your body, isn’t it?

    Tom- 😀 Awesome!

    Holly- the quinoa recipe is delicious, I’m sure you’ll enjoy 🙂 I gotta get a big bag of grapes now.

    Dr. J- I hope I’m not getting old! Hehe. I love variety in a workout.

  10. Sagan – sounds like you had a great start to your sugar-free week!

    And reading all that made me hungry…. must have breakfast now.

  11. Love the no-sugar experiment! I’m so glad that it’s going well:) I’m down to one serving of sugar a day (dark chocolate…mmmm). I’d like to give that up too but I’m taking it slow;) Good job on mixing up your workout!

  12. OK, I’m in for no refined sugar. I don’t eat much – just a piece of dark chocolate after dinner. Albeit, sugar is sugar. There are days I feel like I am in a constant state of muscle confusion. 😉

  13. I just found your blog and have added you to my blogroll! I love your health philosophy. It is very similar to mine, however much more eloquantly worded!

  14. Glad to hear your challenge is going well. I love the banana bread recipe! Sounded like you were cheating at first though 😉 The only recipes I know are loaded with sugar.

  15. You go girl! Thanks for the banana bread recipe. I think I might just have to try it.

  16. Love mixing up my workouts, mainly to remain interested! 🙂

  17. Bag Lady- it’s funny, actually. In the past I’ve found the food recording thing to be triggering, but now I’m having fun with it. It really IS all about the mindset in how we’re looking at it. I’m really pleased with how much healthier my mindset has become these days (away from disordered eating-ness).

    Charlotte- I saw a recipe for chocolate cupcakes dipped in ganache today… oh that was cruel to look at the photos!

    Squawkfox- ahaha so true with the muscle confusion. Dark chocolate is tasty (though I agree with you, “sugar is sugar”… tho that doesn’t stop me when I’m not involved in this kind of challenge ;))

    Meaghen- aw, thanks! What is your blog? I’d like to read it!

    Spring Girl- I know, this banana bread recipe is seriously indulgent! I’m honestly amazed I didn’t eat more (usually I can EASILY it half of a loaf in a day. I adore it).

    Jolene- let me know what you think if you do try it! It’s so easy to make and it tastes great. You don’t miss the sugar or oil at all.

    Cammy- definitely need to keep that interest level high.

  18. Just thinking about what I ate today and I didn’t get much sugar anyway (1 glass grapejuice and 1 tsp jelly). I need to cut back on the fats and overall calories.

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