Sandwiches are beautiful

November 28, 2008

When I go out to eat with friends, there’s about three suggestions that I nearly always make for what we should eat: sushi, curry, or sandwiches. Or cake (alright, that’s four. Math was never my strong point). However, most people that I know either don’t like sushi so we don’t eat it, or else they love it so much that they’re always having it so they don’t want it when I suggest it. Ditto with curry. And cake just isn’t something that you can have for dinner. At least, not every time you go out for a meal…

As for sandwiches, everyone loves sandwiches! And there are so many options that most people won’t protest if I drag them off on a sandwich-hunting expedition. Being a student with no one to cook for me, I tend to eat a lot of sandwiches at home, too, because its easiest to put together.

I didn’t always like them. In fact, I refused to eat them in elementary school. The only “sandwiches” I ever ate were pancake sandwiches (recipe: take 2 pancakes leftover from yesterday’s breakfast. Smear one with butter and add a large quantity of cinnamon and sugar. Put other pancake on top. Eat.)

Now, however, I have grown to appreciate the goodness that is sandwiches. Some of my current favourites are:
– turkey with cranberry sauce: my staple when I go out anywhere. Ask for no mayo!
– peanut butter and jam (best with PB2 and raspberry jam)
– vegetables and hummus
– egg whites (scramble them with oregano and crushed red pepper in a non-stick pan with no fat added) with raw spinach and tomatoes (cucumber as well if its on sale, and green pepper if you’re feeling particularly extravagant!). Best on toasted bread.
– grilled cheese; sometimes with bacon to really jazz it up!
this double decker delight. Look for “thins” bread at your grocery store to make this sandwich; it’s easier to eat, considering there’s 3 pieces of bread in there. I use a slightly different variation of the recipe, with PB2 and honey, and then PB2, jam, and banana for the next part.
– classic club. Except I order mine with no bacon and no mayo. It really does still taste great!

What are your favourite sandwich combinations? I need new ideas if I’m going to continue surviving off sandwiches for the next few years (assuming that by then I’ll either be really sick of sandwiches or else have finally learned to cook some quality food). Especially because my kitchen skills certainly aren’t getting any better- remember this pumpkin bread disaster? Yesterday I made a chocolate pumpkin loaf and the same thing happened. It was in the oven for over an hour, but when I took it out the inside was raw! Pumpkins are out to get me.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to answer the polls!


  1. My favourite sandwich isn’t really a sandwich – I put cheese slices on a piece of bread and grill it under the broiler until the cheese melts and browns slightly.
    Yum…… Okay, now I’m hungry.

  2. Sandwiches are wonderful – I must agree. What is silly is, I actually did a search on different Sandwich ideas a couple of days ago. But I must say, I loved PB&J sandwiches (used to have them everyday for lunch in high school). Now, it's almond butter with jelly! Haha!

    As well, any sandwich pretty much satisfies me too. I love huge stuffed sandwiches filled with good eats.

  3. Weirdly enough, I don’t like sandwiches much unless it’s the only option. Probably burned out because for the first few decades of my life, lunch ALWAYS meant sandwiches.

    My biggest problem is I can’t really feel like I can justify white bread, but sometimes whole wheat bread just tastes too heavy.

    When I really want to indulge, I go for turkey on sourdough with cranberry AND mayo (and onions and lettuce and tomatoes).

    Or um, a Lobster or Crab roll. Sadly enough, those are probably my absolute fav.

  4. Bag Lady- ooh so tasty. I’ve tried that a couple times in the toaster oven… so much cheesy goodness!

    Sharon- almond butter is good stuff! I like it spread on banana bread.

    Crabby- sometimes just getting the 60% rather than 100% whole wheat bread can “lighten it up” a bit. My indulgence with the turkey/cranberry combo? Adding butter!

  5. my fave sandwich is pb&j but i guess that goes w/o saying ha 🙂

  6. I don’t usually eat much bread but when I do I’ll have anything with English mustard.

  7. I like PB, banana, and honey.

    I also like pumpkin puree and turkey/chicken/tofurkey.

    And any kind of egg white burritos are good. I like to do mine with just egg whites, then top it with organic ketchup and some cheddar.

    And sometimes just jam and butter hits the spot.

    Mmm sandwiches…

  8. I love Turkey Club sandwiches. When I eat out I usually eat half and take the other half home to eat later.

    Tim Rosanelli

  9. I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. They are the best!

    Thanks for the sandwich post. Since I don’t like lunch meat, I’m always looking for different sandwich ideas!

  10. Loveofoats- with oats poured on top? 🙂

    Jack- I’m not usually big on mustard but I had it the other day and it complemented the ham very nicely. I might just start eating it!

    Magpie- love good old jam and butter. Your egg white burrito sounds great.

    Tim- I like doing that too. It’s a nice treat to save it for later!

    Strongandhealthy- its fun to get creative with sandwich ideas, isn’t it?

  11. MM! I totally love sandwiches too! My current fav is a modified grill cheese with cheese, mustard and tomato. so good!

  12. Im like crabby for some reason.

    (well not some reason but a weird gluten thing which isnt appropriate here :))

    Ive taken to ordering the sandwich and eating the innards 🙂

  13. Actually…I hate sandwiches…and I have never met a person who hates them as much as I do..I find them – even at their best – boring….so I prefer if someone comes along with a baguette and some topping, that makes me happier….

  14. R- ooh I do love tomatoes! Thanks for stopping by.

    MizFit- What about sauces? Scrape them off with a spoon? 🙂 I always eat around the outside of my sandwiches, crust first. The middle is the best part. I guess we all have strange habits when it comes to sandwich eating!

    Rebecca- Baguettes are the best. Every day at work at least half a dozen people walk past chewing on baguettes they just bought at the Greek Market. Somehow I don’t think clients would be very impressed if I stood at the desk answering the phone and all with a huge big baguette in one hand…

  15. I love a toasted whole wheat with great cheese and my tomatoes from my garden! Come on over for some of my favorite curry dishes though!

  16. Sagan I lived in Canada for alittle over a year and I couldn’t find any tasty mustards there. Oh and I agree with Rebecca, what about Mexican style wraps? mm 🙂

  17. weird. I dont think I have ever suggested sandwiches as a trip out meal, but they are one of my favorite things to eat!

    Kelly Turner

  18. Nazarina- ooh I am THERE!

    Jack- mmm, wraps are good. Maybe that’s why I don’t like mustard very much, because we don’t have good quality stuff here in Canada! What part did you live in??

    Kelly- An actual meal? What is this? 🙂 Good thing my friends indulge my sandwich suggestions.

  19. Beautiful Quebec

  20. Sagan I believe we have the same tastebuds. My favourite foods are amazingly also sushi, curry and cake. AND I love sandwiches (they’d make my top ten at least).

    This weekend I had an amazing sandwich – toasted mozarella, pesto and slow-roasted tomatoes. HEAVEN. If I make one at home I often having laughing cow cheese with sliced apple (YUM – you can also add cranberry sauce to this and it’s immense). I am also a big fan of the crisp sandwich (a staple of the British diet), preferably salt and vinegar Discos with salad cream.

    TA x

  21. Jack- VERY pretty. You should check out the prairies, we have… fields…

    TA- That sandwich sounds amazing! Plan: shopping, writing, eat some curry/sushi/cake/sandwiches. I’m getting on a plane right now:)

  22. Pancake sandwiches… yum…. 🙂 Sorry just got distracted reading that part of your post. I think I have to re-read the rest of it.. 🙂 I totally heart Peanut Butter, I don't think we have PB2 over here in Ireland though.. might need to research that.

    My fave (non-diet) sandwich is Bacon, Brie & Cranberry sauce, on wholewheat bread, toasted, then add mixed leaves and tomatoes… Yum….

    My diet sandwiches involve pitta breads and lots of veg like cucumber and sugar snaps, with a bit of cheese to fill me up. 🙂

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