How to eat a pile of cookie dough

November 17, 2008

I think I ate my own body weight in cookie dough this weekend. Oof. Thank goodness for pajama pants.

Yesterday I filed a police report about my wallet, and I don’t expect it will turn up but at least I feel like I’ve done everything I could do for it. The bathroom floor got a nice clean, too, because I dropped my sugar scrub all over it. Twice. At least the oil has made the floor very shiny and pretty!

Today my dad (remember him? Click on the links to read his guest posts about a recipe for Caesar salad, growing herbs, the cost of bread, and unusual food stories!) left for Cambodia. He is going there for at least a year to investigate war crimes with the United Nations. He has done these kinds of missions in the past but it has never been to anywhere quite so far away, and it’s never been for quite this long. I’m super excited for him and very proud (and also looking forward to going to visit him:)), but it’s also been a rather sad and stressful weekend.

As I have already noted, cookie dough is one of those go-to’s for a lot of people when the going gets rough. After my experiences with this technique of dealing with stress this past weekend, I figured I’d pass on some tips:

How to eat a pile of cookie dough!

– choose chocolate chip cookies because they are the easiest, most classic cookies.
– get your sister to make the dough so that you don’t have to do any work (make sure its homemade. Store bought stuff won’t cut it; this way, you can add huge mounds of chocolate chips whereas the food manufacturers might skimp out on them).
– have a taste once the cookie dough is made but then stick it in the fridge (or, if you’re really desperate, put it in the freezer). Cookie dough always tastes better when its cold.
– distract yourself while the cookie dough is getting cold. Drinking tea, reading blogs, and dropping your sugar scrub all over the place are excellent for taking about the same amount of time as it will take for the cookie dough to be cold enough.
– put on your pajama pants while waiting. This is an essential step to the cookie dough eating process. You won’t notice when you’ve eaten far too much*
– eat lots of cookie dough, straight from the bowl, preferably with said sister at your side (it tastes better if you have company). Wander away to take a brief break and let the dough get colder, then return to eat a lot more.
– stop eating the cookie dough when it makes your throat sore and you get a sugar headache. This will likely happen when you’ve eaten about half the dough.
– the next morning your sugar headache should be sufficiently subsided so that you can have some more for breakfast!

(Seriously, has anyone else ever had a sugar headache from cookie dough? I’ve never gotten a stomachache from it but apparently my head doesn’t like all that added sugar. My tummy sure does though, judging by the massive sugar cravings I have been having all day. Oh dear).

On a completely unrelated note, I just want to let all of you bloggers know how much I love to read your blogs. One of the best parts of my day is when I get to sit down and check out tons and tons of blogs and see what insightful things you have to say. I am looking forward to the end of this term so that I can spend more time really appreciating your writing, opinions, ideas, and thoughts!

*until you put your jeans back on the next day.


  1. Have you tried Ben & Jerry's Choc Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream??? yum! My dad also traveled quite a bit – his longest was a little over a year in Liberia. I think he was also a year in Khazakstan…
    You should be proud, sounds like he is doing quite a good thing!

  2. I love this post. I am really looking forward to seeing my sister over Thanksgiving so that I cook, eat, and nibble away with her, all while bonding and catching up, of course!

  3. That was an absolutely hilarious post! Love the little not at the bottom about how you will notice you’ve eaten too much. 😉

    So awesome about your dad – he sounds like quite an amazing man!!

  4. Haha – I definitely hear you. Something similar to this happened to me last night, but with a baguette being dipped in whipped butter. Yum.

  5. This was great. I LOVE the complete lack of moral judgement or justification or guilt or excuses in this. Yes, sometimes you need to eat half a batch at a time, and here’s how. Great.

  6. Wish I hadn’t read this while I have the flu…..
    Hope the cookie dough helped, though!
    Great post!

  7. I must admit, I haven’t had cookie dough before. I am always too timid to eat it before it goes in the oven. Maybe I should just try it! LOL

    And I hope you feel better soon!

  8. HAHA ~ I definitely dont need instructions on how to eat a pile of cookie dough – it is way to easy 🙂

    We LOOOOOVE your blog too, so right back at ya 🙂

  9. Missicat- no but it sounds to die for. Definitely not something I should ever get my hands on:) And am very proud! What was your dad involved in with his traveling?

    Lee- sisters are so good for that!

    Catherine- he is! And its no fun when you realize just how much you’ve had hehe.

    Magpie- OH YUM. Bread and butter is so classic, sometimes I wonder why we bother with gourmet foods.

    Randi- that’s just how it is sometimes! And I’m really happy that that’s how it was this time- it is representative of how far I’ve managed to come with my food-freak-outs. Huge huge accomplishment.

    Bag Lady- it sure did! Though I wouldn’t recommend it when you’re ill:)

    Sharon- I’m amazed that you haven’t ever had cookie dough! And I strongly advise AGAINST trying it- it’s too addictive and fantastic:)

    Loveofoats- aw thanks:) And yep, I think most people are seasoned and well-versed in the ways of eating cookie dough! Who needs cookies when you can just eat the dough, right?

  10. I love chocolate chip cookie dough. Oh and oatmeal cookie dough. 😀

    I love your blog and always look forward to reading. 😀

  11. Cookie Dough + me = forevah!

    Wanna know my secret? I put some in the microwave in a bowl and zap it, just so it gets ooey and gooey…..yikes. Now I seriously want some. But it is SO good that way!

  12. You and Missicat are now responsible for giving me cookie dough icecream dreams for the rest of my diet!!! Love the post.

    Your dad’s job sounds insane, how exciting. Will you travel anywhere else around there when you go over? I love that part of the world! Never been to Cambodia though.

    TA x

  13. I really like this post, Sagan as I love that yer human.

    and IMO there are times which simply call for things like cookie dough carnage.

    miz, who has previously gone on record with regards to how cool she thinks your dad is. TOTALLY.

  14. Also, that is amazing about your dad….you have to be SO proud of him, but I know it must be hard to have him be so far away. Hopefully this year will go by fast and you’ll be having your “reunion” before you know it! 🙂

  15. LOL! Now I want cookie dough. AND I have some in the fridge. Thanks a lot, Sagan! 😉 And your last paragraph? I second everything you said!!

  16. Hmmm, if I cut the portion sizes to 1/4 a bowl of dough at each sitting, that would sort of meet my “healthier eating” focus. Thanks, Sagan! 🙂

    And good luck with this black cloud thing. Here’s hoping it blows over soon!

  17. Hangrypants- or ANY type of cookie dough;)

    Holly- that is such a good idea. It would be like part cookie dough, part cooked cookie. Excellent.

    TA- I’m hoping so… I’d like to go to a bunch of places around there. But if I don’t then there’s always the next time I go traveling to hit them!

    Mizfit- carnage is such a good word. I need to convince him to start his own blog:)

    Charlotte- please take the rest of mine before I have it all for breakfast again. I got another sugar headache last night lol.

    Cammy- thanks! And don’t you just love that distinction between “healthier” and “healthy”? hehe.

  18. OMG your dad sounds like the coolest person alive.

    and once a month i thank the person that invented sweatpants.

    Kelly Turner

  19. I much prefer my cookie dough baked into cookies and eaten while still warm from the oven…Mmmmm! Melted chocolate chips!


  20. Who doesn’t love cookie dough? My goal is to create a mock cookie dough, something that looks, tastes and feels like cookie dough but is much healthier, like without butter. Then I won’t feel guilt eating it by the spoonful! I have no idea where to start though…

  21. Yummm! Cookie dough…one of my high school favorites. I used to come home and make cookie dough with no intentions of baking. Had to eat it before my mom got home, and then she would wonder why I wasn’t hungry at dinner. Today, cookie dough is definitely an indulgence. I get mine in the form of ice cream so I don’t have to admit my weakness for the dough.

  22. I one time made the mistake of eating an entire tube of the store-bought stuff – and then doing a timed swim for lifesaving class – 32 laps in 14 minutes, or something like that. I got very sick afterwards. I’m glad you and your sister have each other while your dad’s gone. Good piece about the banana bread, by the way.

  23. Sagan, you crack me up…hilarious post!

    Safe travels to your Dad. He sounds like a cool guy.

  24. Kelly- agreed!

    Javachick- mmm, love the smell of fresh baked cookies.

    Peanut Butter Boy- you would be my hero forever if you created that. That might just be my new life ambition…

    Conny- that is too cute! My mum was always a partner in crime when it came to eating cookie dough. And I love the little bursts of it in ice cream, its such a pleasant surprise:)

    Stacy- thanks! That must have been a hell of a swim. Timing is very crucial to eating a pile of cookie dough:)

    Dara- am glad you enjoyed!

  25. that is awesome what your dad does, but what a bummer for you and your family.

    and yes, I am all to familiar with the sugar induced headache! (which sadly, I have right now. sigh)

  26. Love cookie dough, but must live through the enjoyment of others for now. Well, there is always Caesar Salad!

  27. Ohh I hope you’re feeling better. I too have had “cookie dough” days. Albeit, since I cannot consume wheat, my dough tends to be more nuts, oatmeal, and chocolate based. (Gotta have chocolate). 😀

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