The Abs Challenge!

October 3, 2008

Tim Rosanelli was kind enough to send me a link to the new challenge he has created.

That’s right, everyone. Inspired by the one hundred push up challenge, this challenge is to work on your abs: 60 sit ups in one minute!

(Yes, that high-pitched girly squeal of excitement is in fact coming directly from your computer).

From the time when I first found out about the one hundred push ups challenge, I was wishing that there was something similar for the abs. I even contemplated creating some kind of program on my own. Needless to say, I never quite got around to doing that.

And now it turns out there’s already a sit ups challenge! And we’re going to rock it.

From looking around the 60 Situps in a Minute site, I discovered that Tim has his one hundred push ups badge there and also a 20 pull ups challenge badge! I wasn’t even aware there was a program for doing 20 pull ups.

Life ain’t fun if it’s not fraught with challenges. This is why on Monday I will be beginning both the 60 sit ups in a minute challenge (or rather, 60 crunches in a minute, because I prefer crunches to sit ups and I in my non-expertise think that they might be better for your body), as well as the 20 pull ups challenge.* Who’s with me??

*I don’t actually know if I’m capable of performing even one pull up at present. In the past I’ve succeeded in doing at most 4 chin ups in a row, but chin ups are much easier than pull ups. So I’m going to do this challenge but with chin ups first (an option that they suggest for the program), and once I’ve mastered the 20 chin ups I’ll move on to 20 pull ups. I’m guessing it’ll take me a long-ass time to complete this challenge. I can’t convey right now how very, very much I’m looking forward to how tough this is going to be:)



  1. Sounds fun Sagan! keep us posted!

  2. Good stuff! 20 pull ups is quite a bit! :0

  3. Charlotte- will do!

    Mark- yes… it’s going to be rather intense:)

  4. huh.

    I need the situps one.

    the question is will I join in?

    (cue soap opera cliffhanger music)

  5. MizFit- or we could go all Discovery channel on you… “The Secret Life of MizFit” and all that. Joinjoin!

  6. Sounds great, Sagan! And good luck to you. (the Bag Lady settles her ample behind more firmly in her chair and cruises away, her only exercise so far today consisting of lifting her coffee cup to her lips….)

  7. I do the crunch thing! (Not Captain Crunch) lol

    If I do sit-ups it’s on a 45 degree slant board. Then there are “V” ups. Those are tough!

    I think all the kicking with karate is a fun way to strengthen the abs.

    Sagan, you are amazing!!

  8. Oh yeah, you probably already know this, but with pull-ups, just start in the up position and sloooooly lower yourself as a way of building strength till you can do the full movement!

  9. 60 situps in a minute? I’m working my way back to 20 slooow ab crunches on the ball. I feel like that kind of uber fast pace would snap my neck! Be careful and good luck!

  10. Good luck with the challenge!!

  11. Bag Lady- depending on how much coffee you drink, that could be good exercise… never mind those push ups, my tea obsession is probably what has increased my arm muscle the most hehe.

    Dr. J- that’s probably how I’ll be doing the exercises! And I really need to get into some martial arts.

    Leslie- will do! Definitely don’t want anything popping out of sorts.

    Veggiegirl- thanks:) I think I’ll need it…

  12. Sounds like a great challenge – especially the pull ups! I’d love to be able to do 20 of them. Maybe I’ll look into this challenge…

  13. In terms on pull-ups, I’m in.

    I’m not a huge fan of the sit-ups though.

    (just found your blog. I like it).

  14. Ok, very stupid question. What exactly is the difference between a situp and a crunch?

  15. Lance- do! It looks nice and grueling:)

    Tricia- thanks for stopping by:) It’s going to be an excellent challenge.

    Dee- not at all! A sit up is when you go all the way up to your knees and back down; a crunch is when you just lift your shoulders off the ground. Crunches really focus on the abs whereas sit ups involve more of the back, but you hear lots about people injuring themselves doing full sit ups. Crunches are supposedly better for you (to prevent injuries AND for building better abs muscles); I’m not sure how much truth there is to that statement but I know that my body prefers crunches so that’s what I stick with!

  16. Hey Everyone,
    It’s great to hear all of the discussion about my new sit ups challenge.

    Mizfit, I hope you join us once the cliffhanger music finishes! 🙂

    Dr J., I own a karate school. Don’t you love it! I developed this situp program in my dojo.

    WeightingGame, I hate that whiplash feeling too. I prefer curl ups and the program allows many situp variations – crunches, curl ups, and half sit-up.

    I hope to see everyone at the challenge soon!

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