Guest Post: Best Caesar Salad Ever

August 19, 2008

This is my first experience as a ‘guest blogger’, or blogger period for that matter and I’m honoured Sagan has asked me to fill in for her while she is away.

I have been an avid cook for many years and I make almost of our meals at home. Until Sagan became interested in nutrition and cooking I never really gave the health issue much thought. I now pay much more attention to the ingredients I use and thanks to many informative discussions with Sagan almost all of our meals are completely made from scratch. We very seldom use any processed foods at all. I have recently retired and have more time on my hands this summer to cook, but you know – it really does not take that much longer at all to cook from scratch and in the end the meal is nutritious and tasty. I find that processed / pre-made meals have no real flavour at all.

Anyways, I thought today I would share with you a Caesar Salad recipe that I cut out of the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper years ago and taped into my recipe collection. It’s a yellowed dog eared piece of paper now but I’ve made this recipe so many times I hardly need to look at the recipe any more.

Caesar Salad


– Romaine lettuce

– ¼ teaspoon salt

– ¼ teaspoon fresh ground pepper

– 3 buds garlic

– 2 anchovies

– ½ teaspoon hot mustard.

– 4 tablespoons olive oil

– 1 ½ teaspoons vinegar

– 1 egg yolk

– 4-5 drops Tobasco sauce

– 6-7 drops Worcestershire Sauce

– 1 tablespoon capers

– 1 tablespoon crumbled crisp bacon

– 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

– 2 tablespoons croutons (home made if possible!)


In a large salad bowl put salt and a little pepper. Add garlic and grind into salt with a service fork and spoon. Add anchovies and grind again.

Add one or two teaspoons hot mustard; then the oil. Add the yolk of one egg. Stir above ingredients until a creamy pate-type sauce forms. Add Worcestershire sauce, tobasco, vinegar and little more oil in order to get a good liquid type of dressing.

Add capers and stir; add a little pepper. Add greens and toss well.

Top with bacon, Parmesan cheese; toss and add croutons.

I like this recipe as the mustard gives the dressing a spicy edge and there is no mayonnaise used at all. Personally, I usually add some extra hot mustard as well as bacon. I know that all of you are very concerned about diet so you might want to use turkey bacon or something like that instead of the regular type – but I am a bacon addict myself so can’t bring myself to change that ingredient! I’m not a big fan of anchovies so I don’t add those little fish to my salad. I hope you enjoy the salad!

– Sagan’s dad



  1. This is a recipe the Bag Lady can get her teeth into!
    Sounds fabulous, Sagan’s papa – thanks for sharing!
    And thanks for taking care of Sagan’s blog for her while she’s gone…hope you’ll give us little updates if you hear from her!
    Welcome to the blogosphere… watch out, it’s highly addictive!

  2. Thanks for sharing, the recipe sounds delicious!

  3. Hi Sagan’s dad! I love that you’re keeping the blog in the family!

  4. Hi Sagan’s Dad! I used to work at a really upscale restaurant and that was where I first learned that REAL caesar dressing is flavored with anchovies. It is oh so tasty though and your recipe looks like the real deal:) Thanks!

  5. Hi Sagan’s Dad, the recipe sounds delicious. Hooray for no mayo and lots of mustard, I say. Love that you’re minding her blog while she’s away 🙂

  6. Thanks for posting! Looks like a very tasty recipe. 🙂

  7. havn’t seen you on the balcony lately so I guess you have been hiding in the kitchen with the romaine….yum!

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