The Blackberry! (Phone. Not fruit. Although some blackberries would be tasty if you’ve got some and would like to share).

August 8, 2008

At the moment I am the proud owner of an ancient pay-as-you-go cell phone. It does the necessary functions that a phone should do- that is, it rings, I answer, we talk, and hang up. And it’s even got the awesome futuristic feature of having text messaging!

Excuse my sarcasm. I am grateful for my cell phone. It has served me well. The problem? It doesn’t work overseas. Or outside of the country, for that matter.

I’ve never needed anything super crazy and intense. I never saw the point in having all of those fancy features like cameras and goodness knows what else (yes, having a camera on your phone IS fancy to me!). All I wanted was a basic cell phone with caller ID, voice mail, and text messaging. And that’s exactly what I got. And its all I’ve needed for the past few years. But this week I went to the store to find out if it would work while I’m in Italy (for emergencies, because it looks as though I’ll be going to Pompeii by myself. Can you believe that the people I’m going with aren’t incredibly excited to go and see Pompeii?! It’s only one of the most remarkable historical sites ever. I can’t wait to go there and swoon over the architecture and the history. Anyways. Tangent over), and it turns out that it will not work outside of Canada. Actually, the salespeople also gave me about 3 different answers as to whether it’ll even work outside of province, so I guess I’ll find out.

I’m getting tired of this phone and its lack of abilities when compared to other, much cooler, phones. It’s time for a new one, and I said as much in exasperation to my dad as we walked out of the store. “Why don’t you get yourself a Blackberry?” He suggested.

That was possibly the last thing I ever expected to hear him say.

A Blackberry is one of the most ridiculous/awesome/useful gadgets that have been invented. It’s got just about everything, all in one device. Perfect for the supremely important CEO etc etc. All in all kind of silly for the average person.

But. I do plan on doing lots of traveling over the next few years, and I’d like to have a phone “just in case” while I’m overseas. It would also be really nice to be able to check emails from my phone and not have to pay the 2 Euros it costs to go to an Internet Cafe. Plus, it would save me the trouble from writing down important notes/plans/events on little scraps of paper which then wind up somewhere between my room, purse, work, and the car- instead, it would all be organized neatly on my Blackberry!

Can you tell that I’m smitten by the idea of getting a Blackberry?

This would just be so much fun! And useful. Highly useful. After all, I’m sure I’m every bit as busy and important as that CEO (tehe). Anyway, ever since the idea was planted in my head I’ve been having visions of Blackberry phones dancing in my head. But I want to do some quality research before I go off whimsically and buy one of these beauties. I need to figure out exactly which one is best for me and if the price is reasonable and what the contracts are like and such.

It turns out that there’s a lot of different “series” of them. I think they do that for the sole purpose of confusing us regular people who know nothing about phones. But when I get back from Italy, I think that I will buckle down and start investigating as to which one would suit me best/if I can even afford one because I imagine that they’re waaaay beyond my price range. Until then, does anyone else have a Blackberry? Or used one? Or know of someone who has one? Let me know if you’ve got any tips/suggestions regarding these things! Any info you’ve got on the Blackberry would be mega helpful right about now.



  1. It is tempting indeed…how about the Iphone? Gotta have the newest and coolest thing! 🙂

  2. Ah, the Crackberry. I’m so glad my BlackJack doesn’t have as many features or I’d be an addict as well.

    But, for overseas travel the phone is a great idea. You never know when you might need it. And some high tech phones are GPS enabled, so if you get lost you can find your way back!

    Now, I must say. What is wrong with your friends? How can anyone possibly turn down the chance to see Pompeii?!?

  3. Don’t have one and I agree that for the average person, probably overkill. But…If it would work overseas it might be worth. I’m sure I would feel more secure knowing I could communicate easily with traveling companions and/or people back home.

    My understanding is that the plans are fairly expensive though. I would also suggest checking into the iPhone. They have a lot of features, and I think the plans are less expensive than Blackberry plans. Just double check on whether you’d have service while traveling overseas.

  4. I don’t have a blackberry but i know lots of people have them and use them constatnly. If it was me, I’d go w/ the iphone…that’s super cool.

  5. I LOOOOOOVED my ‘Berry.


    my sidekick? not so much.
    always breaking.

  6. Can’t help with the Blackberry – I figured I was getting pretty fancy when I got my new phone and it has a camera! (can’t get one without a camera anymore, apparently)

    But really don’t understand why your friends don’t want to see Pompeii. Sheesh, I’d love to!

  7. Mark & Big Girl- The iPhone IS really cool, but I'm worried it might still have some bugs. Although, maybe by Christmas any leftover bugs will be all sorted out?

    Gena- I KNOW! They are totally nuts. I love Pompeii. Also GPS would sure be useful for me- I have a terrible sense of direction:)

    Javachick- thanks for the suggestion! I'm trying to figure out the best plan… its so tricky with all the hidden costs that come along.

    MizFit- which type of Blackberry did you have? And why don't you have it anymore?

    Bag Lady- I didn't know that all phones came with cameras now… mine doesn't have one. It's too old:) And I'm swooning over the idea of all those ancient ruins. Mmmm lovely!

  8. I don’t have one, but have heard good things about them. Good luck!

  9. I love, love, love my Blackberry. I have had it for about 6 or 8 months. I have the Curve. It is the best. It only cost $100 when I signed a contract with Cingular. I use it to keep track of my appointments, get email, write notes, text message, browse the web, and the GPS is awesome (and free.) Oh, I use it for a phone, too occasionally. It has a camera, but I don’t use it.

    It probably is a bit overkill for the average person, but you do get addicted. Hey, I’m the CEO of my household, right?

  10. Oh yeah, I like the curve better than the others because it has a full keyboard, but isn’t really big. The Pearl is small and cute, but it doesn’t have a full keyboard and the way you have to type is kind of a pain. My hubby has that one, and he wishes he had a Curve. The others are really big.

  11. The only blackberry that is compatable in Europe is the “World” Version. The Curve and pearl can’t be used. FYI- they have services where you can rent a cell over seas for the time you are there. That’s the route I have always taken. Hope that helps!

  12. Good luck! I’ve never had a blackberry but I’ve used one before and they’re kind of incredible…

  13. I love my gadgets!! I know that makes me a huge geek but it’s not like that’s news anyhow. If it helps my husband adores his Crackberry.

  14. Running Knitter & Danielle- fingers crossed:)

    Robin- Thanks so much for the info! The Curve does sound pretty nice.

    Trisht- hm, I'd better look into that- thanks for letting me know!

    Charlotte- gadgets are fun. As is being a geek:)

  15. I have a blackberry and I love it. A lot of those features they come with are extra so you don’t have to sign up for all that extra stuff. Mine does everything, except change tires and it is so useful. Mine is the blackberry pearl…it’s slender and cute and looks like a regular cell phone and not as big and bulky as some other blackberry phones.

  16. I had a Blackberry for a day. I liked the features, but my thumb hurt from scrolling the little wheel. I do better with the iPhone with it’s touch features. Like you, the email access was one of the big draws.

  17. I don’t have a Blackberry but I did recently buy myself a fancy Nokia GPS, Wifi enabled something or other (can you already tell how tech savvy I am?).

    The idea was that I wouldn’t have to lug my Mac all around town but still be in contact with my clients. Haha. I can’t figure the darn thing out. Should’ve gone with the iphone!

    Moral of the story. What you want may not be what you need. For me at least.

  18. Crystal- thats nice that you can pick and choose which features you want; some of the extras are rather extreme!

    Cammy- does the iPhone have the internet access at all? I don’t really know anything about it.

    Dee- interesting point! And I think that no matter what I get I’ll have to get someone to teach me how to use it:)

  19. I have the Blackberry Pearl. I like it cuz it’s small and cute, but has all the email and web capablities that I need for work.

    But let me tell ya, when I first got it I was so confused taht I almost took it back. But now that I’m used to it – i lovvvveee it!

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